Are Plants Effective To Repel Moths? Give Removal Tips

Growing herbs in your home is so easy. They act as natural moth repellent to keep the surroundings clean and beautiful. These herbs smell great and moths hate these amazing smells near them. Further, you can repel moths using indoor herbs. The homemade herbs are a great alternative to the stinky moths you have in your home. 

How do herbs grow to repel moths?

Herbs are so easy to grow right in your home. There is not much preparation you need to look into. Take some containers and you can grow herbs indoors with partial light. These are natural repellents and they work splendidly in their jobs. But for using them appropriately, they should be dried to the very best. Make sachets using dried herbs and loose tea bags. There are breathable fabrics that you can use too. Also, you can sprinkle the dried herbs on the closets directly instead of making the sachets. 

Moth Control Services
Moth Control Services

Some herbs to drive the moths away:-

There are so many herbs but some simple plants help in driving the moths instantly. Moth Control requires some time but you can do it with some patience. 

  1. Lavender

Lavender has such a beautiful smell many people enjoy. It is also a medicinal plant for so many others. Further, Moths hate the lavender smell and are a great indoor moth repellent. Grow the lavender in the sunniest of spots in your homes. 

  1. Spearmint

It is also a natural moth repellent and the smell is simply superb. Spearmint is so easy to grow. Some of the mints grow with just sunlight and water given to them. It is the only herb requiring water regularly and it spreads quickly. 

Here are 5 Moth removal tips:-

  1. Brushing your woolen clothes after wearing them outside

Moth eggs find it easy to get inside the closets. You can fix the same by brushing off the moth eggs and larvae from the woolens regularly. So, it finds fewer organic pest control ways to get into your homes. 

  1. Keeping all your belongings in air-tight containers

Use air-tight containers to store food and tight suitcases to protect your clothes too. Don’t leave the woolen clothes exposed outside. Keep them in airtight garment bags. In this way, the moths don’t get their way into the clothes so easily. 

  1. Using a sticky trap

There are moth pheromones to attract the moths and capture them easily. Furthermore, they will stick to the surface and can’t escape the trap. Once they get stuck, they can’t escape easily. 

  1. Fill the entire home with cedar

Cedar is yet another natural repellent you can use to remove moths from your homes. Additionally, just put the same in a diffuser. The scent will travel all around the home. 

  1. Calling a pest control company

If the moth removal seems very hard, then you can always call for professional services. When the infestation gets out of control, contact the local pest control company to know the solutions they have. 


Moths are not many harmful pests but they can cause a lot of damage to your clothes. Practice the preventive measures to keep them at bay. Contact Us Today and Make an Appointment.