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Pest Inspection Randwick is a leading company for providing the best termite inspection and control services throughout Randwick. Our knowledge and developed experience are next to none in the termite inspection Randwick industry. Our termite control Randwick team is exceptionally skilled in termite treatment characteristics, habitat and activity. For this, we consider the practice of inspecting the termite-infested area along with treatment as mandatory. 

As no two homes are the same, the termite issues also aren’t the same despite you living in the same locality. Our best termite inspectors Randwick team cooperates to work closely with the client’s needs. Termite infestations can cause quite stress and make your days restless. Hence, we practice and implement the best methods and charge you affordable termite treatment cost Randwick for every process. We expect your cooperation by calling us at 02 4058 2769

Budget-Friendly Termite Inspection, Control And Treatment In Randwick 

The presence of termites makes your days intolerable and cranky. Fortunately, to switch this situation around, we can come up with the best termite control Randwick method of treatment. 

  • Inspection

The activity of termites is not easily detectable without specific detectors. Moreover, in most cases, you notice the presence of termite infestation only when they cause extreme damage to your place. Hence, we use detectors like thermal imaging cameras to find almost all the termite activity in and out of your home. Our best termite inspection Randwick step includes inspecting different areas of your home like: 

  • We Do Termite Inspection In The Roof Void:- Roof voids are one place on your property where termite activity goes out of control. Therefore, our best termite inspectors Randwick team’s priority is to do a thorough inspection of roof voids. 
  • Termite Inspection Inside A Building:- For performing a strategic inspection of the interior of your building, we examine crawl space areas, attics and ceilings. This is to ensure we are not leaving even a single spot to confirm termite presence. 
  • Termite Inspection In The Subfloor Of A Building:- Backbone of our inspection step is the effective inspection of the subfloor of a building. Here, we analyse how termites have been affecting your place. 
  • Termite Inspection Outside The Building:- Inspection outside of the building includes a thorough checking of wooden fences, trees, gardens, wooden sheds and backyards. We inspect even areas around water and drainage pipelines upon request.
  • Termite Treatment

For a complete termite treatment Randwick service, one of the best solutions you can opt for is to install barriers. The barriers can be physical termite barriers, chemical termite barriers or pre-construction barriers. We install, 

  • Physical Barriers: Under concrete slabs, property foundations, wall cavities and such. 
  • Chemical Barriers: In the foundation of a property, under slabs and in the soil around areas where termites cannot take the risk of avoiding. 
  • Pre-Construction Barriers: Between slab footings and slab joints. 
  • Follow-Up & Advice 

As a follow-up termite treatment Western Randwick service, we do all-year-round termite protection. This is because termites are active throughout the year and can show again anytime in future. Moreover, termites are quite adaptable and hence we advise you regarding termite prevention. 

Is Termite Inspection Necessary Before Treatment? 

Yes, termite inspection before treatment is very important and the reasons for it are right here. 

  • Not lets your property sustain more damage than when it is already experiencing
  • One of the not-so-obvious pests that your house is termites. So, they create many colonies in absence of regular inspections 
  • Termite inspectors look and get rid of mud tubes, frass, and any evidence of termite swarms
  • Critical structures of your property like fences, wood mulch, firewood, Deadwood and cracks can be saved
  • Your home can be free of live termites, wood damage and buckling of paint. 

Signs That Show Your Home Might Have Termites

Besides the very common signs like termite signs and foundational damages, there are also other signs of termites to take note of. So, inspect every corner of your home to find these signs listed below. 

  • See white colour ants that are termites roaming in moist places of your home 
  • Hear continuous head banging or clicking noise
  • An obvious sign of termite wings and flying termites 
  • Notice tiny holes in wood and wooden items
  • The timber starts making hollow sounds
  • Termite tunnels make the movement of windows and doors hard
  • Power outages when termites cables and power wires in the underground. 

Why Are We Most Recommended In Randwick? 

The reasons that show why we are a most recommended termite inspection Randwick team: 

  • Eco-Friendly Approach: We spend our time getting rid of termites with an eco-friendly approach.  
  • Results Meet Your Satisfaction: To meet your satisfaction of getting the best results, we make sure to use unique tools. 
  • 24/7 Bookings: Schedule us at your convenience as we are available 24/7 hours through all 365 days. Therefore, hesitate not to book us right today and right now. 
  • Area-Wide Experts: We are a local team of experts that serve the area-wide of Randwick. 
  • Timely Service: We know all the access points throughout Randwick and hence reach your place to offer timely service. 

Our Way Of Residential & Commercial Randwick-Wide Termite Treatment

To possibly provide natural ways of treatments as termite control Randwick service, we take up different ways or methods. Also, our way of treating termite issues varies from one area to another area of your home. 

  • Bait Systems: When your thoughts arise of your place getting affected by termites, we arrive at your home to install bait systems. So until our arrival, make sure you are not disturbing termites in any way. 
  • Wood Treatment: For termite wood treatment, we have complete solutions to implement the use of repellents, powders and sprays. We excel in doing the wood treatment. Hurry up to hire us! 
  • Soil Treatment: If our option for termite control for your property is soil treatment, we add organic products to the soil, and install barriers. In addition to this, we also do crop rotation and effectively use plant parts and extracts.  

Termite Control Specialists, Only For Randwick Residents

Do not spray insecticides anymore on termite colonies and contact our on-duty termite pest control Randwick team to help you out. We don’t damage or break any of your belongings while doing the termite control Randwick process either indoors or outdoors. Also, we got you some great news, that is, we use advanced spraying techniques to give you an experience of stress-free termite control. Moreover, our previous works in this field show how we get rid of every infestation with all the expertise and skills we got. 


Can you list a few facts about termite control? 

– The repair damage for termite activity is pretty expensive
– Termites can pose risk to your property’s structural integrity and your health 
– Termite controllers have advanced equipment
– DIYs for termite control are not effective.

What measures can I take to keep termites far away from my Randwick home?

Measures for termite prevention are: 
– Fix ACs, leaky drains and water pipes
– Trim down bushes, shrubs and trees
– Clear out decaying stumps 
– Use plastic storage boxes over cardboard
– Schedule for a termite inspection Randwick service on an annual basis.

Is removing trees from my garden helping stop termites? 

No, removing trees from your garden nowhere helps to stop termites from entering your home. Cutting down trees can lead to a reduction in foraging areas for termites but not on a large scale. 

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