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Starting in Randwick, Pest Control Randwick gradually expanded throughout the region and became one of the local-based companies. In fact, with both experience and talent, our moth control in house services became known Randwick-wide. Our services also include carpet and pantry moths extermination services via online bookings, 24/7/365 days. We are also at the forefront of providing moth caterpillar control service at budget-friendly prices. 

Our moth control Randwick team is here to offer exceptionally planned treatments that ensure you the best results. We also give rapid responses when you make appointments for our same-day and emergency winter moth control services. As a client-centric company, to us, client concerns and satisfaction come first no matter what. You can even avail yourself pre-purchase moth pest inspection and control service from us. Contact 02 4058 2769 for a customer-friendly approach. 

Signs Of Pantry Moths And Cloth Moths

Are your clothes losing their fashionable look and have been a victim of pests known as moths? Do you not know what those flying insects are at your party? Those moths are of different types. Find out how to identify and differentiate them with the following signs: 

  • Pantry Moths
  • Frequent movements of adult moths, eggs and larvae 
  • Along the food package corners, you notice webbing or sometimes even inside the product
  • Smell unpleasant odours from products made out of cereal and flour
  • Adhesive secretions because of pantry moths lead to grains clumping together
  • Attacks on a wide range of chocolates, spices, bird seeds, dry pet food beans and nuts.
  • Cloth Moths 
  • You get to see adult cloth moth flying in your wardrobe and home
  • Easily identifiable holes, trenches or tunnels are found in most wool clothes, carpets, rugs and blankets
  • Building of tiny tubes by cloth moths on your unworn or safely kept clothes
  • Excessive shedding from fabrics made of fur 
  • Accumulation of small crusts on clothes, rugs, blankets and other fabrics.

Harm Moths Can Cause To Adults And Kids 

Moths are classified as insects, active at night and physically don’t bite adults and kids. However, they significantly harm you in other ways that you need to be aware of. 

  • Skin Condition: The skin condition humans face because of moths is lepidopterism and the reason for this is the lodging of moths’ spiny hairs in your skin. Although this skin condition is not toxic, it is surely allergic. 
  • Contaminate Food: Moths contaminate your food by spinning cocoons and leaving faeces behind. And touching this food can trigger unknown allergic reactions.
  • Damage To Clothes: Moths as one of the common household pests cause a lot of damage to your clothes. The damage you find in your clothes is mostly holes, seams coming out of clothes edges, etc. 
  • Symptoms: Symptoms of moth bites are scaly skin, rashes, blisters, itching, and contact dermatitis that in turn causes hives, swelling and redness. There are also chances of seeing skin irritation outbreaks. 

Our One-Time Solution For Moth And Their Larvae

If you want to avail a one-time solution for moth control at your place, contact us. We not just provide a one-time-total-care solution for moth control but also our moth exterminator cost is within your budget. 

  • Moth Inspection 

As moths just not attack clothes but also attack carpets, pantries, and gardens of a home, we check your upside-down of your place to do an inspection. Through this inspection, we collect total damage moths cause, level of infestations and type of moths. 

  • Specific Chemical Treatment

To control cloth moths and pantry moths, we do a specific chemical treatment. Where we apply appropriate chemicals along cabinets, cupboards, closets and shelves. For cabbage moth control, we spray pesticides that show zero post effects when later you eat it. When coming to carpet moth extermination, we check the carpet type before taking action. 

  • Moth Prevention Advice 

We also advise on how to prevent cloth moths, pantry moths, cabbage moths, carpet moths, etc. Because in a way, moth control in house can be attained when one strictly follows moth prevention tips. Some of which all-time useful tips against cloth moths are: 

  • Any infested material by moth should be thrown away if the damage is irreversible 
  • When you start finding moths, keep regularly washing and dry cleaning your clothes and other fabric materials 
  • If you find larvae of moths, kill them off immediately.

Why Are Your Better Choice For Moth Control In Randwick? 

Nothing comes first than the health of your kids to be accountable for if your place is heavily infested with moths and their colonies. That is why our moth control Randwick team is available throughout the day to serve you. Upon this you are quick to make your home moth-free and risk-free.

  • Certified Solutions- We are an able team that takes the help of certified solutions for cabbage moth control service and others. These solutions are eco-friendly and non-toxic to the health of adults as well as kids. 
  • Local & Qualified Team- Our moth control Randwick services are availed by thousands of locals and are highly recommended by them to others. Moreover, our local controllers are accredited and qualified by recognised bodies. 
  • Short Notice Appointments- If you are in urgent need of our services that assure instant turn-around, we take short note appointments. Even for answering your queries, we respond immediately. 
  • Save More Costs- We help our clients in saving moth pest control costs by charging only for services they avail from us. This is the same case for every resident of Randwick. 
  • Upon Request, We Provide Follow-Up- When we get requests for follow-ups for moth control in house, we accept the requests without hesitation. So, here is your option for calling us for service as well as the follow-up, if necessary. 
  • Payment Options- We never take payment before service completion from our client upfront. And when you pay service charges, you can either pay with cash or credit card. 


Can you suggest a few tips on how to prevent moths?

If moths get into your items, here are some tips you can follow to prevent them.
– Before or after wearing wool clothes outdoors, brush the clothing
– In casing of storing your clothes for long periods, make sure you are washing them thoroughly before that
– Store all your fabric belongings and clothes in airtight containers
– All those places where you store clothes and other belongings need to be maintained dry. 

How do I know if my Randwick home is infested with carpet moths? 

Signs that show your Randwick home is infested with carpet moths are below: 
– Evidence of moth on carpets 
– Missing parts of carpet tufting because of carpet moth larvae
– As carpet moths prevent dark areas, check for them behind couches, under beds, etc
– Carpet moth larval stages cases around the areas of the affected carpet. 

I purchased a new house and need a moth pre-purchase inspection and control, do you provide it? 

Yes, we do provide moth pest pre-purchase inspection and control service across Randwick. So, lift your phone today to dial for us. 

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