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Bees are good for our ecosystem, but their nests can pose a lot of problems. If you see a bee or wasp nest around you or even on the walls of your house, you should remove them as quickly as possible. Because bee stings can cause you a lot of pain and swelling. Therefore, we at Pest Control Randwick provide you with our most effective bees and wasp nest removal Randwick service. Our bee pest control team helps you to get rid of the whole colony as well as the nest in an organic manner. So, contact us at 02 4058 2769 and avail of our world-class bee and wasp nest removal.

Various Types Of Bees And Wasps That We Treat

There are a variety of bees and wasps present around Randwick, some of which we treat are given below:

  • Honey Bee

These live in extra large colonies of 50,000. These are also ½ inch long and are honey brown in colour. They survive the winters and thus are always in large colonies. The queen of the colony flies with soldier bees to a new place to build another nest. Thus, contact us to get rid of the honey bees’ nest.

  • Bumble Bee

These are yellow bees having black stripes on the back. They are always bussing. And are ½ to 1 inch long. Bumble bees live in colonies of 200 and liver under a porch, burrows, and wall voids. Therefore, get in touch with us for our expert bee exterminator.

  • Carpenter Bee

These are shiny black in colour and are a lookalike like a bumble bee. The female bee chews into the trees and makes a nest while the males guard outside. Hence, get in touch with us for effective bee control in Randwick.

  • Yellowjackets

These are commonly mistaken as bees and are yellow in colour with a black abdomen. They construct paper nests in the form of a paper envelope. As a result, if you see them around or you see their nests contact our wasp exterminator in Randwick.

  • Paper Wasps

These are the common type of wasps to find. These create their nests in the form of umbrellas. Therefore, if you see their nest then contact our wasp specialist for their removal in Randwick.

  • Hornets 

These are black and white in colour and are about ¾ inch long. Their nests are the same size as a basketball oval hanging from the trees. Thus, if you see their nests on your lawns then contact us and get rid of them.

Our Bees And Wasps Treatment Process

Our bee and wasp removal Randwick team uses the given steps to remove the bees and wasp’s nests from your house or neighbourhood:

  • Thorough Inspection- Before starting with the removal process our team will inspect your house and the area where the nest is built. Inspection will help to find out the type of bee and wasps present, thus helping in a better lineup of further treatment.
  • Bee And Wasp Removal- Then our team will start removing bees from house. Our team will conduct this step in a very organic manner so that the bees and wasps are also not harmed by the process. 
  • Bees And Wasps Nest Removal- After removing the bees and wasps then our team will start with the nest or beehive removal. This step is another important as removing the nest will make sure that there is no such infestation in the future. As a result, you can rely on our expert bee nest removal team.
  • Follow-Up Treatment- Upon your request, our team will pay you a visit after a week. This is to make sure that there are no bees or wasps left behind after the treatment.

Method Through Which Bees And Wasps Build Their Nests

Bees and wasps build their beehives and nests in just the same manner. They build their nest in the following manner:

  • Firstly, the queen starts by hunting for a favourable place to build the nest.
  • The place is selected near any wood source, either a tree or fence.
  • Then the queen starts to chew the wood and break it down using her saliva.
  • This breaking down process converts into a pulpy material.
  • Then using this material the soldier bees start to make the nest.
  • This process continues until the whole nest is made.

We Provide Same-Day Bees And Wasps Nest Removal

If you book us for our same-day wasp pest control service team of locals will visit you within 24 hours of your appointment. Our team is very well trained and holds the appropriate license to conduct the beehive and wasp nest removal service at your place. We also provide you with our most affordable waps removal cost. Therefore, you can rely on our services and can contact us on our 02 4058 2769.


Do you take appointments for weekends?

Yes, we are available for weekends and you can also book us for public holidays as well.

How can I get your quotes?

You can simply contact us through our company number and our team will provide you with all the possible quotes according to your budget.

Do you provide your services only in prime locations of Randwick?

Yes, we serve in all the suburbs of Randwick thus feel free to contact us.

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