Reopening A Vacated Room? Why Should Pest Control Be Your Concern?

For building operators and owners, pest management is a critical piece of any reopening plan, so customers and employees will not face any issue when returning to the office or house. Whether it is reopening the office after a long break or reopening the vacated empty house, there is a serious chance that it might have some pests & insects living in it as it was not taken care of or cleaned for many days or weeks. 

Any tenant or an employee returning to the office will first look for a clean place to be in as they spend most of their time in that space. Also, pest attacks on your home and office space are something seriously bothersome for all. In such cases, it is advisable to take up a Professional Pest Control Treatment before reopening your office. 

How to find you have a pest at home/office?

The first and foremost step is to know the signs of pests inhibition. Droppings near the building, nests on the ledges or blocked vents are signs that pests are inside. Examine these main locations at first. Birds are not considered pests but their droppings are quite hazardous as they are acidic and are corrosive to building exteriors and sidewalks.  Wasps are more active in the warmer months, and signs of wasps can be a mud nest on edges, overhangs or gaps in walls. Wasps concentrated in one specific area can be a sign that their nest is nearby. 

You should take great attention to the places which have moisture. Places like the sink and kitchen that have not been in use for long can be ideal places for pest breeding. Utmost care is required in such places. You can find cockroaches and ants in warm dark places they always try to hide in them. 

Pests can be found in several locations that can provide any of the following such as food, water, shelter or all three. If you have a suspicion of infestation, be sure to check any areas of your facility that accommodate any of the three needs. This includes anything from food storage to warehouse basements to elevated rafters.  If you cannot find the infestation or a pest infection by yourself, contact Local Pest Control Randwick to help identify any underlying or visible pest issues.

Here Is Why Pest Control Should Be Your Concern:

  • Prevention of further spread of pests: 

Look out for signs of pest activity firstly. Debris on countertops that may have been cleaned before closure. Droppings and food debris under cabinets is another sign of pest activity so check there too. If you find any kind of pest activity, take measures immediately without any delay or call out for a Pest control professional who can help you handle the situation better. 

  •  To keep pests out of your building

To help keep pests out of your building, make sure the landscaping surrounding the building is trimmed and maintained. Unkempt landscaping can provide homes for pests right outside your building, as well as create a bridge for pests to get from the ground or trees into the building. You can also find all cracks, holes, and vents on exterior walls are sealed properly or not, as many pests can utilise these unexpected entry points to enter your space. Doors that are not properly sealed can also be inviting spots for pests to make their way inside.

These tips can help you make informed decisions and ensure a pest-free environment when you reopen your vacated room. You can call a pest management provider immediately to establish a plan and solution for your building.


Pests are a bigger problem and you should not ignore them. If you found pests and signs of their presence then you must take action. You can do so many things to get rid of pests. One of the best options is professional pest control. The expert will first inspect and evaluate the first evidence of pest attack you have found and help in further action on how to plan for control treatments.